Simplify your proposal process with this free funding report

Learn how international development organizations can simplify and accelerate their fundraising process with our free funding report. Photo by: GotCredit / CC BY

In a competitive market, it’s critical for international development organizations to make their proposal-writing process as fast, efficient and streamlined as possible. That’s why Devex is releasing this month’s free report on how business development teams in our industry can simplify and improve their fundraising processes. You can download the report here.

Inside you’ll find actionable advice on some easy steps you can take to make your organization more likely to win grants from a wide range of donors. We’ll tell you how to make due with limited staff resources, get early intelligence on opportunities in planning and create messaging that expertly conveys your organization’s background and expertise.

With funding notices from 350-plus donor funding sources, Devex’s funding database is the most comprehensive in the world. Stay tuned for more insights on how to streamline your efforts to win funding and grow your organization’s footprint by setting up free business alerts to get relevant opportunities — tailored to your organization’s donors, regions or sectors of interest — sent straight to your inbox.

Be sure to download the free report, and in the meantime, you can also check out these additional Devex resources on winning funding and better understanding the procurement process:

Navigating Devex pipeline and procurement data: Preparing documents for competitive selection processes takes a significant amount of time and costs money. To help your organization sift through Devex data to identify relevant opportunities, we’ve put together a taxonomy of terms to help you understand development jargon.

DevExplains: The development funding cycle: Business development teams should be familiar with donor practices and how they’re informed by recent events and funding trends. Devex breaks down the five steps to understand the development funding cycle and how Devex can inform your funding strategy.

Elements of the best project proposals: Want to know what the best project proposals have in common? They’re clear, error-free and carefully tailored to fit the specific donor. Read through our slides to see how your proposals stack up.

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