Sounding off on video-reporting global development

    Devex video coverage in action during the 2013 European Development Days. Photo by: Devex

    The value of video reporting cannot be overstated. For Devex, it’s an effective way to share news and analysis, but also to engage a global audience.

    Devex has recently beefed up its video coverage: On our YouTube channel, you’ll find a growing lineup of interviews with industry’s biggest names as well as recaps of the week’s top stories in humanitarian relief, global health and in international development.

    “It’s partly to educate and provide advice, but also to humanize our industry,” said Devex Editor Rolf Rosenkranz said in a story we published last week. “It’s to put a face to what this community does, and we want everyone to join in.”

    Several Devex readers applauded the effort; some shared their experiences producing videos on humanitarian topics.

    A video is less boring when it is short and “leads to a powerful point,” wrote Mona Cummings. Music videos, she said, are good at prompting others to actions, such as the one produced by Africaid featuring children and adolescents living with HIV.

    Michael van Ryneveld called Devex’s sharpened focus on video a “great one,” although he pointed out challenges as well, especially related to bandwidth capacity.

    Aside from the speed and reliability of connection, the cost of Internet service precludes low-income populations to watching videos, according to a reader who identifies as MRuz.

    “It remains to be seen whether this communication strategy successfully augments or merely segments the availability of information and related discussions,” MRuz said.

    For Sheila Page, watching a video is “time-wasting” when it features simple presentations or interviews given that, she said, it takes much longer to listen to words than to read them.

    What do you think are some of the challenges and best practices of video reporting? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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