Star pupil's performance casts doubt on green growth model

The Ain Beni Mathar Integrated Combined Cycle Thermo-Solar Power Plant in Morocco. The country’s efforts to grow green have attracted international attention and praise. Photo by: Dana Smillie / World Bank / CC BY-NC-ND

With the effects of climate chance becoming ever more widely and deeply felt around the globe, many climate scientists are warning that the planet is not able to support unlimited fossil fuel driven economic development without courting a climate catastrophe. Proponents of “green growth” counter that we can radically cut carbon emissions even as economic output continues to soar.

Worryingly, a closer look at their star pupil suggests that the defenders of “green growth” might be wrong.

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  • Till bruckner

    Till Bruckner

    Till Bruckner is the founder of TranspariMED, an initiative that works to end evidence distortion in medicine, and manages advocacy for Transparify, an initiative promoting transparency and integrity in policy research. In his previous life, he worked in international development, occupying both field and research roles. Till is interested in the hidden power relationships that structure global politics and our everyday lives, and in finding new ways of using research and advocacy to make the world a better place. Till holds a Ph.D. in Politics from the University of Bristol, U.K.

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