Straight from the expert: How to write a great development CV

By Kate Warren 06 April 2016

Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned aid worker, the process of selling your expertise in a concise document can be overwhelming. At the Devex Career Forum in Washington, D.C. last month, I sat down with one of our go-to CV writing experts, Tom LeaMond, to chat about what makes a great development CV.

While a resume may be the document of choice in the private sector, a CV — which includes details such as certifications, regional experience and language expertise and can be up to three to five pages — is the development industry standard. Stuck on how to showcase your work experience? Watch the video to learn LeaMond’s easy to remember formula for describing your accomplishments. (Hint: don’t just copy and paste a job description).

Tom LeaMond, Devex CV writing expert and senior consultant, Be the Change Careers, on how to improve your CV.

Gaps in employment, translating your private sector experience to development recruiters or showcasing a wide range of short-term consulting assignments are a few common CV dilemmas development professionals face. Watch this video to learn how to handle these and other challenges unique to the development sector.

Tom LeaMond, Devex CV writing expert and senior consultant, Be the Change Careers, on getting expert assistance with your CV.

Still think you need help writing a great development CV? Consider the Devex CV Writing service where you can work one-on-one with one of the Devex CV experts, like Tom LeaMond, to get your CV recruiter-ready.

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