Frans van Houten, CEO of Philips, discusses the introduction of community life centers and the need for a holistic approach when it comes to health care. via YouTube

NEW YORK — There are many organizations working at the local level to improve access to health care, but one challenge many initiatives face is how to scale effectively.

Philips’ Community Life Centers are one such initiative. In addition to working toward universal health coverage, these centers offer revenue generating opportunities and are powered by renewable energy. While many stakeholders are excited about the progress the centers are making on access to health care, scaling up remains a challenge.

Speaking to Devex, Philips CEO Frans van Houten explains how collaboration and a less siloed approach to project work is really the only way to achieve community and primary care at scale.

“More and more we see NGOs, governments, and private enterprise realize that if we all come together we can actually overcome these perceptions,” he said. “We can give it a try.”

Watch the video above for insights on how this can be achieved and why an approach to improved care needs to involve so much more than technology.

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