The case for a close recruiter, hiring manager relationship

Maya Salomon, senior recruiter at The Asia Foundation, explains how to create the ideal relationship between a recruiter and hiring manager.

The better you know your hiring managers, the better you’re going to know what kind of talent they’re looking for, Maya Salomon, senior recruiter at The Asia Foundation, told Devex at the 7th Annual D.C. Career Forum.

Recruiters should have as close of a relationship as possible with hiring managers:

“Move right into their pocket and live there,” Salomon joked.

She suggested becoming familiar with how he or she likes to work and what sort of programs he or she sees developing in the future — and to treat “internal clients” just as you would external clients.

“Program development for us and most organizations follows very closely the particular set of interests that are unique to the person developing that area,” Salomon explained.

How do you create a successful relationship with hiring managers at your organization?

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