The global development community takes to Twitter to talk Trump

Social media icons on a smartphone. Photo by: Jason Howie / CC BY

The global development community is beginning to face the reality of Donald Trump becoming the next U.S. president. Here are some of the most immediate reactions.

Among the most outspoken comments have come from environmental advocates, anxious that a Trump administration will roll back international progress on climate negotiations. Throughout his campaign, Trump has described global warming as a hoax and pledged to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris agreement.

Human rights organizations have warned Trump that his use of inflammatory rhetoric, including the targeting of vulnerable groups and his support for torture, must not turn into government policy.

Meanwhile aid organizations are calling for the president-elect to not backtrack on progress on ending poverty and to uphold the U.S. commitment to welcoming refugees and people fleeing violence.

Across the development community, many groups and individuals are calling for unity following an election that has caused deep divisions.

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  • Naomi Mihara

    Naomi Mihara is a Video Journalist for Devex, based in Barcelona. She has a background in journalism and international development, having previously worked as an assistant correspondent for Japan's Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper and as a communications officer for the International Organization for Migration in Southeast Asia. She holds a master's degree in multimedia journalism from Bournemouth University.