The shift to investment-driven development

John Simon, the founding partner of Total Impact Advisors, shares his thoughts on how to make development sustainable.

How can various sectors ensure that development is sustainable?

The development community has looked at public-private partnerships to solve many of the world’s global problems, but an expert says there is a bigger role for the private sector to play.

There is a shift from aid-driven development to one that is led by investment, John Simon, founding partner of Total Impact Advisors, said in this video interview for #ReimaginePPP. The private sector must take the lead in this shift, he added — and that government and aid agencies need to follow.

Watch the clip above for his insights on where public-private partnerships are headed, and how investments can fuel sustainability.

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  • Jacques Jimeno

    Jacques is a former copy editor at Devex’s news production team. Previously, he worked with the Philippine Department of Tourism and the World Wide Fund for Nature.