This is what makes a 'best buy' in global health

Accenture: Think about a market for development outcomes

What makes a sound investment in global health?

In this video interview, Devex Editor Rolf Rosenkranz asked Anastasia Thatcher, head of global health at Accenture Development Partnerships, who discussed how firms can figure out the right market to enter so they can deliver both the business and development outcomes they are aiming for, and gave the example of a Novartis-led program to make affordable pharmaceutical drugs for poor customers in India as an example of a “best buy” in her line of work.

Exciting, disruptive trends in global health

Thatcher also discussed recent trends in the sector, mainly strengthening local health systems, making technology more available to the “base of the pyramid” and innovative financing.

Click on the above clips to learn more insights from the chief of global health at Accenture, an international management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company that is rapidly increasing its development footprint on a global scale.

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