Top employers in water, sanitation, and hygiene: A primer

With EU humanitarian funding, Solidarités International has built wells and water points so that the population can have clean water in Nigeria. Photo by: Isabel Coello / ECHO / CC BY-NC-ND

Despite having access to safe water and sanitation being recognized as a human right in 2010, globally, 663 million people still don’t have access to clean and safe water, and 1 in 3 people don’t have a decent toilet. The sixth Sustainable Development Goal is to “ensure access to water and sanitation for all” but 2.6 million people worldwide die from water-related diseases every year. There are countless organizations working toward achieving this goal and you could be a part of them.

From intergovernmental organizations, to private consultants and NGOs, here is a list of the top employers dedicated solely to WASH issues and achieving water access and sanitation for all.

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  • Lottie Watters

    Lottie Watters formerly covered career and hiring trends, tips, and insights. Lottie has a background in geography and journalism, taking a particular interest in grassroots international development projects. She has worked with organizations delivering clean water and sanitation projects globally.