Transitioning to a global development job? Here's how to write your CV

By Emma Smith 20 March 2017

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Here are tips on breaking into global development from another sector, taking your career international — or domestic — and how to translate your skills to resonate with recruiters.

4 steps to transition to a global development career

►  Top skills and professions you can transition to a global development career

4 tips for program country nationals to launch an international career

Transitioning from the field to HQ

While the global development sector is highly competitive, a growing demand for specific skills and expertise is creating job opportunities for transitioning professionals from a range of backgrounds.

CV expectations for jobs in global development differ from that of other sectors. If you are trying to make the move into a career in the sector, make sure your CV is not holding you back.

Here are some top tips for writing a CV and translating your experience for the global development sector.

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Emma Smith

Emma Smith is a reporting and communications associate at Devex, based in Barcelona. She focuses on bringing the latest career and hiring trends, tips, and insights to our global development community. Emma has a background in journalism and, in addition to writing for news publications, has worked with organizations focusing on child rights and women’s rights in sustainable development.

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