Britain is giving Kenya USD2 million in humanitarian assistance as post-election conflict continues to engulf the country. The funding, channeled through the Kenyan Red Cross, aims to provide food, shelter and water to as many as 500,000 displaced Kenyans. “It is the poorest and most vulnerable people who are suffering from the political unrest. They are the very people our aid program is intended to help,” said International Development Secretary Douglas Alexander. “This money will ensure that families who have been forced to leave their homes are able to access shelter, food and water and other basic services,” he added. British member of parliament Nick Clegg, however, criticized the country’s premier for failing to demand a recount of the allegedly rigged elections. “Gordon Brown is demonstrating a monumental failure of leadership as Kenya slides further into chaos by the hour. In the face of hundreds of deaths and escalating ethnic violence, Brown has nothing more to say than that the two rival candidates should talk to each other. That is self evidently not going to take place in the current circumstances,” said Clegg.

Source: UK pledges GBP1m in aid for Kenya (BBC)

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