UK Specifies 2011-2012 Allocations for Overseas Water and Sanitation Initiatives

Water from pump flows through a funnel and into the yellow jug. The U.K. government will spend 91.5 million pounds to increase access to clean water, improve sanitation and hygiene awareness in Ethiopia and 12 other countries. Photo by: waterdotorg / CC BY-NC-SA

The U.K. government will spend 91.5 million pounds ($148 million) in 2011-2012 to increase access to clean water, improved sanitation and hygiene awareness in 13 developing countries and Central Asia.

In a written response to a question by Labour Party member of parliament Lindsay Allan Roy on May 24, U.K. Parliamentary Undersecretary of State for International Development Stephen O’Brien clarified that the figures are “subject to finalisation of operational plans and development of detailed Business Cases demonstrating the value for money to be achieved by each proposed programme.”

The 13 countries with planned allocations cited by O’Brien include the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Liberia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Nepal and Vietnam.

The figures for India, Malawi and Sudan will be available once the operational plans for these nations are published, which will happen “in due course,” according to O’Brien.

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