Understanding USAID's Business Forecast data

By Matthew Wolf, Arnau Rovira 13 March 2017

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The U.S. Agency for International Development held its second quarter Business Forecast conference call last week, open to its many partners, suppliers and interested parties. This quarter’s call was particularly important because it is the first since USAID released their new web-based portal with access to Business Forecast data.

USAID’s Business Forecast was, until recently, a large spreadsheet released every quarter to USAID partners. It gave the details of future opportunities to do business with USAID, including budget estimates, planned solicitation and award dates, and brief descriptions of the needed goods, works and services. The Business Forecast has long been an important resource used by USAID partners for business planning and development.

The new web tool, launched Jan. 31, is changing business development for USAID partners. The portal provides the same information as the old, quarterly spreadsheets, but it is accessible online, searchable and updated in real time. On last Tuesday’s call, several officers from USAID’s Office of Acquisitions and Assistance answered submitted questions from partners, many of whom sought to better understand this new tool.

Devex analysis and interactive visualization of USAID business forecast data

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