US leadership and investment in health for security — #Health4Security Twitter chat

Devex hosted the #Health4Security Twitter chat on November 8.

Achieving global health security in a globalized world is a complex task. Its success depends on the collaboration between governments and stakeholders from the international development, health, security, agricultural, and environmental sectors, among others.

What will it take to achieve a world that is safe and secure from global health threats posed by infectious diseases? On November 8, Devex organized a Twitter chat to follow up on the conversation we started in our digital series From Healthy to Secure, in partnership with PATH and Johnson & Johnson.

These panelists and other organizations took part in the conversation:

@creynoldsPATHCarolyn Reynolds, vice president of policy and advocacy, PATH

@JNJGlobalHealthAlan Tennenberg, chief medical officer, Johnson & Johnson

@theglobalfight, Friends of the Global Fight

@EpidAlert, EbolaAlert

@CDCGlobal, CDC Global Health

@GlobalHealthOrg, Global Health Council

@H_S_Global, Health Systems Global

@ghsa_psrt, Global Health Security Agenda Private Sector Roundtable

Below are some highlights from the online conversation.

Question one for Devex’s #Health4Security Twitter chat.

@PATHtweets Today, the world is more crowded and mobile than ever, meaning a health threat somewhere is a health threat everywhere #Health4Security

 @JNJGlobalHealth A healthy population can lead to a stronger economy. When you have a healthy, strong, growing economy, you tend to have a situation of greater stability. Health epidemics threaten all of that. #Health4Security

@theglobalfight Infectious diseases have never recognized national borders, and this is certainly the case in our increasingly interconnected world. An outbreak that begins in a remote village can reach major cities on any continent in less than 36 hours, blossoming into a global crisis. #Health4Security 

@creynoldsPATH The world is waking up and taking meaningful action toward strengthening epidemic preparedness. Yet this nascent progress is also at risk. #Health4Security 

@GlobalHealthOrg When global health threats exist, they affect not only health systems at home and abroad but also economies. This leads to global insecurity that extends far beyond health. #Health4Security 

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Question two for Devex’s #Health4Security Twitter chat.

@PATHtweets The U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Service, the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the National Institutes of Health all play a role in US global health security: #Health4Security 

 @JNJGlobalHealth As part of Global Health Security Agenda, 63 governments have committed to implementing international health regulations which govern how countries get their systems ready to prevent, detect, and respond to infectious diseases: We have a shared responsibility and accountability to work across all sectors: public, private, NGO, philanthropy, etc. to address threats #Health4Security

@theglobalfight Programs such as the @GlobalFund, @PEPFAR, @PMIgov & @USAIDGH have been vital in US health security efforts. By bolstering health systems to respond to emergencies, they help to prevent the spread of disease to our shores #Health4Security 

@CDCGlobal CDC’s training of lab technicians helps countries detect outbreaks for a broader set of pathogens. #Health4Security

@GHTCoalition By making people healthier, US global health programs help make countries more stable: @PEPFAR countries in sub-Saharan Africa had 40% less political instability & violent activity than their neighbors:  #Health4Security

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Question three for Devex’s #Health4Security Twitter chat.

@PATHtweets The US has been—and must remain—a leader in protecting global health security. Through our Global Health Security partnership, we are leveraging PATH’s deep country experience and partnerships to strengthen critical health systems in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal, Tanzania, and Vietnam #Health4Security

 @JNJGlobalHealth By strengthening health systems globally and preparing for #pandemics, we can reduce the spread of diseases, number of infections & number of deaths while increasing economic impact within our countries and across borders. #Health4Security 

@GHSA_PSRT Private sector has a unique role to play in #Health4Security – we can leverage our business expertise, supply chains, & technology to advance health security.

@GHTCoalition We need proactive and robust investment in global health R&D to ensure we can have the tools needed to prevent an outbreak from becoming an epidemic #health4security

@theglobalfight As recently highlighted by @UNEnvoyonTB, hospitals, health workers & medical labs act as our first line of defense against disease. Research and development is also needed to develop new and innovative technologies that can help with diagnosis and treatment times #Health4Security

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Question four for Devex’s #Health4Security Twitter chat.

@PATHtweets US government should work closely with @UN, @WHO, @WorldBank and other multilateral platforms to drive innovative global initiatives to develop solutions for #Health4Security. Dedicated, sustained US government financing & increased research and development (R&D) are critical to ensuring global health security.

 @JNJGlobalHealth We need to invest in developing healthcare systems to prevent, protect and respond to health threats. Enhancing public-private partnerships where private sector can bring their capabilities and expertise, and work with governments to develop workforce and health infrastructure to detect, prevent, and respond to infectious risks #Health4Security

@creynoldsPATH The Trump administration and Congress should come together behind a comprehensive strategy that is adequately funded #Health4Security

@GHTCoalition Stress that investing in global health, including R&D, IS putting "America First." The good we do around the world creates a healthier, more secure America. #Health4Security

@theglobalfight By making sure they understand how global health security protects Americans. For example, in 2016, Americans took more than 77 million international trips for business, pleasure and family visits. Additionally, as many as 9 million American citizens live abroad, and there are 300,000 U.S. military personnel stationed in foreign countries. Global health security investments help protect all of these Americans #Health4Security

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Question five for Devex’s #Health4Security Twitter chat.

@PATHtweets Policymakers needs to understand that Inconsistent financing cripples our ability to prevent, detect, and respond to disease outbreaks: It is more expensive to react in crisis rather than prepare in advance #Health4Security

 @JNJGlobalHealth A healthy population is a productive population and can lead to a healthier, stronger economy #Health4Security

@theglobalfight Ensuring health systems are better prepared to detect and respond to emergencies. This requires hospitals, health workers & medical labs to be in place before an outbreak #Health4Security 

@GlobalHealthOrg Continue to support + strengthen health systems: surveillance systems, laboratory networks, global health workforce & EOC operations around the world. U.S. leadership in global health works. #Health4Security

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Question six for Devex’s #Health4Security Twitter chat.

@PATHtweets We are optimistic. #Health4Security is more important now than ever. We need US global health leadership and an international action plan to prevent outbreaks.

 @JNJGlobalHealth Cross-collaboration for #Health4Security is on the rise! Scalable & innovative solutions are how @JNJGlobalHealth works to solve global disease challenges for Global Goals:

@GHTCoalition Victories like increases in global tuberculosis research funding, successful capacity-building efforts, global commitments to combat major global health challenges like AMR, and more all point toward an optimistic future for #Health4Security 

@GlobalHealthOrg The global health community support makes us optimistic! When we stand together to brainstorm for solutions, then #Health4Security is sustained.

@theglobalfight Global health remains nonpartisan, with strong Republican and Democrat leaders in both the House and Senate! #health4security 

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Examining how global health affects security and vice versa, Devex, PATH, and Johnson & Johnson look at how country governments, donors, foundations, the private sector, and civil society can better respond to and anticipate threats, asking whether increased investment in global health security is critical to the security of all countries. Join our conversation on preparing for the unexpected by visiting the From Healthy to Secure site and tagging #Health4Security and @Devex on social media.

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