USAID to Support Climate Change Adaptation in the Philippines

Climate change continues to be a hot topic and international discussions on this continue to take place. With climate change being a focus of the Obama administration’s aid agenda, the U.S. Agency for International Development resident mission in the Philippines is currently looking at how this issue can be integrated in its portfolio.

Devex Early Intelligence learned from a representative at the USAID office in Manila that funding levels for the environment have increased specifically for climate change adaptation. The resident mission is still analyzing its approach and is looking at a mix of mitigation and adaptation efforts. It will also continue supporting the multidonor Coral Triangle Initiative and ongoing biodiversity conservation efforts in the Philippines.

The representative expects annual budgets for the country to remain at the same level for the next few years. The total U.S. government request for fiscal 2010 amounts to US$124.3 million, including US$41.8 million for ongoing health and education projects, US$25.4 million for peace and security, and US$12.8 million for governance.

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