Volunteering for Copade: What you need to know

Copade store director and volunteer recruiter Sandra Maristegui brainstorms for business plans with an artisan at a Copade sponsored craft cooperative in Copan, Honduras. Photo by: Rocío Marín

On a steamy August night on the Honduran island of Utila, 10 Spanish backpackers volunteering with the Spanish fair trade organization Copade - short for Fundación Comercio para el Desarrollo (Trade Foundation for Development) - lounged in deck hammocks, reminiscing about the day’s snorkeling trip while imbibing on rum and Coca-Cola.

But the conversation quickly turned from details of multicolored fish and nurse shark sightings to more serious discussions on how they could continue helping the Honduran women they served with their technical business and communications skills over the past month.

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  • Julienne Gage

    As a freelance journalist and broadcast news producer based in Miami and Washington, Julienne contributes regularly to Devex. Her graduate studies in anthropology and journalism included research on youth development in Latin America and immigration in Spain.

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