Want to work on migration issues? Here's how

By Liana Barcia 22 March 2016

NRC Aid worker Olivia Kallis speaks to a group of Syrian refugees in an informal tented settlement in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon. What does it take to build a successful career around global migration issues? Photo by: Sam Tarling / NRC / CC BY-ND

The global refugee crisis has thrust global migration issues to the forefront of the international development community, and those interested in working in this area can do so in a variety of ways, either through lifesaving, immediate humanitarian aid or long-term development assistance.

Aside from attempting to address the root issues that drive displacement, professionals and practitioners are also working around the clock to mobilize resources and funding to support refugees, protect them throughout their journeys toward asylum, and assist in their settlement and integration into their host communities.

“It is very rewarding work,” Sarah Vania, regional human resources director for U.S. programs at the International Rescue Committee, told Devex. “Refugee resettlement offers a strong, warm and deeply committed community of professionals.”

Interested in breaking into this area of international development? Devex spoke with a few experts and recruiters for tips on how to do it.

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