Webinar: How to get job search ready for 2018

An excerpt of the webinar “How to get job search ready for 2018.” Career Account members can watch the full recording below.

While hiring tends to slow down around the holidays, employers tend to ramp up their recruitment efforts in the first few months of the new year, with refreshed budgets and new strategies in place. The holidays are therefore a great opportunity to reflect on your career, consider new challenges, and prepare to kick off your job search in 2018.

Kate Warren, senior director and editor at Devex, returns for the second webinar in our three-part Job Search Bootcamp series to discuss the key steps to a strategic job search. This involves “updating and fine tuning your marketing assets,” says Warren “then spending time finding jobs and employers that match what you are looking for and really thinking about how to focus and tailor your outreach accordingly.”

Warren also shares tips for branding and optimizing your online profile, which is “one of the most important assets you can have in a job search.” As employers increasingly turn to passive recruiting and may not always post jobs, “it’s really important to have a strong online presence,” with a well-completed profile and a compelling headline to help recruiters find you.

Once your CV and online profile are up to date, the next step is identifying the jobs and employers that are a best match, says Warren. Searching for employers of choice and efficient use of filters can help you sort through the thousands of job postings out there and find those that best fit your expertise and interests, while setting up job alerts ensures you are not missing any great opportunities. “The early bird catches the worm,” so “you definitely want to act quickly when you see a job you are interested in,” says Warren, “but you also want to take the time to tailor your materials to that job.”

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