What is a master's in sustainability management?

David Green, director of admissions at the Kogod School of Business, American University, talks to Devex about the master’s in sustainability management.

Housed within the American University Kogod School of Business, the master’s in sustainability management is a program offering students an education at the intersection of business administration, environmental science and public policy.

Devex’s Kelli Rogers sat down with admissions director, David Green, to discuss what this unique program offers, who makes a successful student, and tips for getting in.

In addition to taking a business-centric approach, the degree can leverage others schools on the American University campus, for examples, the school of public affairs, international service or arts and science. They can offer a “robust offering of electives where [students] can tailor or customize their specialization or track,” shared Green.

What do they look for in prospective students?  “Two to three years of professional work experience,” offers Green who goes on to say that they take a holistic view in admissions where grades, experience and motivation all come into play. They seek students who have done “volunteerism, made impact in their community no matter how small or global” with a willingness to focus on the experiential learning components of their program.

For those considering applying, starting your research a good 18-24 months in advance is advised. Showing interest early can also help you with financing. Scholarships are merit-based and highly motivated students are more likely to see those dollars come their way. “We are a business school, we teach negotiation,” Green shares while not making any promises.

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