Why Slovakia backs EU aid increase

By Devex Editor 26 October 2012

Slovakia fully backs the aid budget proposed by the European Commission for 2014-2020, according to Peter Burian, state secretary at the Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The European Commission is proposing around €100 billion ($130 million) for external funding during the period, with €51 billion going to its programs for the world’s poorest.


Echoing the sentiment of Danish aid minister Christian Friis Bach, Burian told Devex President Raj Kumar at the 2012 European Development Days that reducing the European Union funding for development cooperation is bad for Europe.


“If you create a situation in different parts of the world, not only within the European Union, that other regions might be suffering or will be less able to cope or trade with the European Union, of course we’ll suffer the consequences,” Burian said, adding that he believes preserving the budget serves a remedy for the region’s current predicament.


Watch the conversation between Kumar and Burian on the Slovak Republic’s transformation from aid recipient to donor nation and efforts to make sure its foreign aid, though modest, makes a difference. It’s part of a series of conversations we video-taped with global development leaders in the center of the action at last week’s EDD.


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