World Bank Education Initiative in Chile Still Pending

Will the World Bank continue education initiatives in Chile?

In late 2008, Devex Early Intelligence learned than the government of Chile approached the bank for financial assistance for a tertiary education project and technical assistance to the Ministry of Education. Initial discussions indicated that this would be a follow-up to the ongoing tertiary education finance project, which will close this year.

The initiatives were outlined in the World Bank’s 2007-2010 country partnership strategy with the South American country during President Michelle Bachellet’s term, which ends in a few weeks. Her administration leads a coherent development program built around the theme of equal opportunity and one that includes improving education, expanding global commercial linkages, and enhancing sustainable natural resource management.

The World Bank office in Santiago said preparations for the education project have yet to commence. It expects some movement and decisions to be made once President-elect Sebastian Piñera’s administration takes office on March 11.

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