Can the World Bank make renewable energy cheaper?

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By Jeff Tyson

World Bank President Jim Yong Kim is on a mission to make the business case for climate-smart investments — but how much power does the bank wield to make renewable energy more affordable?

Disunity in Europe: What does the future hold for refugee response?

Europe's refugee response is causing disunity in the global development community. But what are alternative policies and what could they look like in practice? Devex gets the inside track on the need to keep human rights at the heart of the response, and what models could be used.

Budget support in Senegal: Revamping an old tool in the aid toolbox

The EU views Senegal — the most stable democracy in West Africa — as an opportunity to experiment with new aid strategies and modalities, namely variations on traditional budget support.

GIZ's playbook for tourism development

Germany's GIZ is one of the growing number of donors who are looking to tourism to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. An insider shares details of the agency's playbook with Devex.

Trump attacks 'nation building' in foreign policy speech

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump shared his views on foreign policy, criticizing "nation building," and asking why the U.S. military should "worry" about climate change.

What to expect at the ADB annual meeting in Frankfurt

On Monday, the Asian Development Bank will hold its 49th annual meeting in Frankfurt, Germany, to map out the challenges, opportunities and the future for Asia-Pacific development. Here's an exclusive Devex look what you can expect to see at the Manila-based institution's annual event.

A push for education and livelihoods for refugees in Jordan

It’s been almost four years since Syrian refugees fleeing conflict started to congregate in Zaatari, Jordan. Now the world's second largest refugee camp with 80,000 residents, the focus is shifting from emergency response to education and creating livelihoods. Devex discussed this transition in an exclusive interview with UNHCR senior field coordinator and camp manager Hovig Etyemezian in Jordan.

Who's who in #globaldev: April 2016 appointments

A seasoned U.S. global health adviser is bringing her decadeslong experience to the Center for Strategic and International Studies. And an anti-hunger advocate fighting malnutrition in D.C. and neighboring states is joining the board of an international nonprofit.

Delivering the next generation of vaccines

Immunization saves millions of lives annually. But to continue successful treatments, the global health sector must expand the R&D agenda to fund the next generation of lifesaving vaccines. Cecile Vernant of DSW offers three ways to harness the latent potential in vaccine research.

In Haiti, community-led development works

Haiti remains mired in poverty, earthquake destruction and political instability. But there are also signs of progress and examples of community-led development that often escape the notice of foreign observers. Back from a recent trip to Haiti, Lionel Vigil shares lessons learned to help the country break free from a centurieslong cycle of poverty, political instability and outside intervention.

Measles — the canary in the coalmine

Outbreaks of infectious diseases show us how we must bolster our defenses to achieve global health security. In this exclusive guest commentary, Seth Berkley, CEO of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, marks World Immunization Week by discussing the importance of improving routine immunization to boost population immunity.

From DC with love: A diaspora's fight to bring back the girls

When the social media craze around #BringBackOurGirls died down, Omolola Adele-Oso found she needed to bring back the focus by trying a different approach. Devex caught up with the Act4Accountability founder to find out what's next for the advocacy organization.

Reducing post-harvest losses: What is the next breakthrough?

By most estimates, roughly one-third of all food grown goes to waste. Early stage innovations are needed to reduce those post-harvest losses as well as systems that provide the financing and logistics to bring them to scale.

Inside Development

ADB, AIIB sign landmark partnership deal in show of cooperation

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Leaders of two of Asia-Pacific's most influential development institutions — the Asian Development Bank and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank — signed a partnership deal on Monday that will pave the way for cooperation in providing much needed finance and knowledge to address the region's myriad development challenges.

Global Views

Development done differently: Data innovation and partnerships for better cities

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How can we create better cities? In this guest column, Deloitte discusses how urban data analytics and decision-making tools can help us shape our urban future, as well as through collaboration and knowledge sharing.

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