24 Hours for Darfur is a global video advocacy campaign dedicated to ending the conflict in Darfur and promoting peace and security for the people living there. Using digital video and online media we aim to strengthen Darfur advocacy by making it more direct, participatory and global. From signature to personal video appeal We are collecting personal video appeals demanding action now on Darfur. Using a webcam, camcorder, digital camera or cell phone, anyone can easily record an appeal and upload it to our website. All appeals will be displayed on our site and sent directly to participants' political representatives. Participants can also send other peoples video messages to political leaders. From textbook to online video library To help participants make informed appeals, we are building a comprehensive video library of educational materials related to Darfur. Through mini-lectures our library will make the complex situation in Darfur accessible to those looking for a concise introduction to the conflict as well as those seeking more in-depth analysis. We are working with academics, journalists, and survivors of the conflict to ensure that our materials are of the highest quality. Empowering the Darfurian community Working with the Darfurian Community in the US and abroad we have begun to collect video testimonials from Darfurians. We aim to use our online presence to document the views of Darfurians and broadcast their opinions to the world. 24 Hours for Darfur is a project of Res Publica, Inc., a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in New York State. For more information please contact info@24hoursfordarfur.org.

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