African Agency for Integrated Development (AAID)


  • Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Advocacy NGO
  • Staff26-50
  • HeadquartersUganda
African Agency for Integrated Development (AAID), is a registered International Non –Government Organization operating globally. It is dedicated to empowering and promoting the welfare of the poor in communities, through education, training and provision of basic services (including clean water, sanitation, health, and food security), improving household income and promotion of human rights. Water supply and Environmental sanitation. This department has the following components; Construction of boreholes and shallow wells, to enable village people to fetch water for domestic consumption. Improve community access to safe water sources, by putting in place effective measures, through protection of existing unprotected water sources involving local leaders, and households in mobilization and participatory, monitoring of project activities. Putting in place, reviving or strengthening water user committees for the purpose of sustainability of water and sanitation facilities. Promote behavioral change and community based hygiene through strategic hygiene education, regular dialogue with different community members and income improvement campaigns. This is done through village health committees, who they train and equip with basic knowledge on water, hygiene and sanitation. One of the water sources constructed by AAID in Western Uganda. Photograph showing the water users’ committee 2.HIV/AIDS Prevention Department. They have a team of members who counsel and educate people about the dangers of HIV/AIDS. This department targets all groups of people in the community, both the infected, the non infected, and the affected. They carry out HIV/AIDS testing programmes, and guide the infected people to access antiretroviral treatment so that they can live long and healthier lives. 3. Children Welfare Department. They provide child welfare and related professionals, comprehensive information and resources to help protect children and strengthen families. They focus on child abuse and neglect, foster care and adoption. They strive to create a safe, loving and nurturing environment for these children, by giving them a health diet and good education. 4. Tourism Department. They offer tourism services at affordable costs to everybody worldwide. They negotiate on behalf of the clients on the sites where they want to visit, entrance fee and accommodation. They have vans to transport you to and from the site of your choice. Fuel, servicing and facilitation of the driver, is a responsibility of the client. After all these, the client is requested to leave a tip of your choice in the organization basket fund to facilitate their charitable projects of community development in Uganda. 5. Environmental Conservation. Community sensitization on tree planting, training farmers on modern agronomical practices, so as to conserve the environment.

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