African Forum and Network on Debt and Development (AFRODAD)


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The African Forum and Network on Debt and Development (AFRODAD) is a civil society organisation established in 1996 as a regional platform and organisation for lobbying and advocating for debt cancellation and addressing other debt related issues in Africa. AFRODAD was born of a desire to secure lasting solutions to Africa's mounting debt problem which has impacted negatively on the continent's development process. AFRODAD believes that the debt crisis, apart from being a political, economic and structural issue, has an intrinsic link to human rights. This forms the guiding philosophy for its work on Debt and the need to have African external debts cancelled for poverty eradication and attainment of social and economic justice. Furthermore, the principle of equity must of necessity apply and in this regard, responsibility of creditors and debtors in the debt crisis should be acknowledged and assumed by the parties. AFRODAD aspires for an African and global society that is just (equal access to and fair distribution of resources), respects human rights and promotes popular participation as a fundamental right of citizens (Arusha Declaration of 1980). In this light, African society should have the space in the global development arena to generate its own solutions, uphold good values that ensure that its development process is owned and driven by its people and not dominated by markets/profits and international financial institutions. VISION A prosperous Africa based on an equitable and sustainable development. MISSION STATEMENT To contribute to Africa’s inclusive economic growth and sustainable development through influencing policy change on debt management and development finance anchored on rights based approaches. STRATEGIC GOAL To influence African Governments to institute and implement policies and practices for sustainable development and eradication of poverty. STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES Thematic Focus Area 1: Domestic Resource Mobilisation Thematic Goal: To contribute to the development and implementation of transparent, accountable and efficient mechanisms for mobilization and utilization of domestic resources in Africa Strategic Objective 1: To advocate for a fair and effective tax system for financing development in Africa. Strategic Objective 2: To contribute to the strengthening of extractive industries revenue management in Africa. Strategic Objective 3: To advocate for and mobilise support for formulation and implementation of rules and regulations to tackle Illicit Financial Flows from Africa Thematic Focus Area 2: Debt Management Thematic Goal: To contribute to the development and implementation of sustainable debt policies and practices in Africa Strategic Objective 1: Improved government transparency and accountability on public debt borrowing Strategic Objective 2: Contribute to the establishment of a fair and transparent international sovereign debt restructuring mechanism Strategic Objective 3: To strengthen inclusive, transparent and accountable public debt borrowing and loan contraction processes. Strategic Objective 4: To influence the effective management of public domestic debt resources by African governments   Thematic Focus Area 3: International Public Finance Thematic Goal: To influence the quality, impact and effectiveness of international public finance, in line with the agreed development cooperation effectiveness principles. Strategic Objective 1: Development Effectiveness: To influence African governments and development partners to implement development effectiveness principles and practices. Strategic Objective 2: Emerging lenders: To enhance the capacity of governments to understand and engage on implications of public finance from emerging sources, and monitor its development on poverty reduction Strategic Objective 3: To build capacity to understand the implications and develop frameworks of Publicly Supported Private Finance and Public Private Partnerships that contributes to sustainable development  VALUES  Accountability and Transparency: AFRODAD shall be transparent and accountable in its operations and work, and in the ways of obtaining and use of resources. Diligence: AFRODAD shall be guided by industriousness and hard work in its conduct, and shall persevere in its pursuit of a prosperous Africa. Gender Sensitivity: AFRODAD shall provide equal opportunities to both male and female, and where necessary shall take deliberate steps to promote the interest of women in order to realize an equal socio-economic status with men in society. Impartiality: AFRODAD shall conduct its work with objectivity, neutrality, impartiality, fairness and factual accuracy, detachment from personal views, and in a balanced manner without bias.  Integrity: AFRODAD shall conduct itself with sincerity, honesty, truthfulness and completeness, and act in ways that shall ensure trustworthiness and reliability. Professionalism: AFRODAD shall set and enforce standards in the work it undertakes, and shall be guided by the will to serve the people of Africa. Solidarity: AFRODAD shall work in partnership with others to promote an Africa that is free from poverty and where development gains are shared equitably among all.

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