Agence d'Exécution des Travaux d'Intérêt Public en Centrafrique (AGETIP-CAF)

The AGETIP CAF rose from the ashes of ATRACOM (Communal Works Agency created in 1994). It aims to be a development tool at the service of the Central African State and local authorities in the reconstruction of the Central African Republic, confronted in the last decade with military-political crises that have harmed its economy and its social fabric . The State delegated by the Contracting Authority, entrusted to AGETIP CAFthe execution of development projects financed by development partners such as the World Bank, the European Union, the French Development Agency, the African Development Bank ... etc. The project management delegation thus enables the State to increase its capacity to absorb funding made available by the donors, thanks to the organization and the powerful management tools of AGETIP CAF . The visit of this site will give you the opportunity to better understand the mission of AGETIP CAF , its management and operation as well as the countless business opportunities for both national and international economic operators. Beyond the postcard which gives an overview of the potentialities and capabilities of the AGETIP CAF , you will have the opportunity to discover the dynamic elements of this site in this case the news Agency, advertising notices of Tenders and General Procurement Notices, the list of projects to be executed during the year as well as the list of projects in preparation. Purpose of the Agency The role of AGETIP-CAF is to support the Central African State, public administrations and local authorities in the development and execution of urban and rural development and development works. The aim is to improve the living conditions and standard of living of Central Africans. The Agency is also involved in emergency programs that provide an immediate solution to populations facing difficulties. The AGETIP-FCA holds human, financial and material necessary for the implementation and management of such initiatives throughout the Central African territory. His proven expertise in project management makes him a reliable partner.
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Company Offices

  • Central African Republic (headquarters)
  • Bangui
  • Flande Street North Terminal