• Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO
  • HeadquartersIsrael
  • Founded2003

Al-Marsad (Arab Human Rights Centre in Golan Heights)

Al-Marsad seeks to establish a modern and efficient institution that struggles against war, colonialism and occupation and helps to develop a culture of respect for the principles enshrined in human rights and humanitarian law. We seek to achieve this by observing and documenting human rights and humanitarian law violations, working to influence policies and pushing to hold accountable those responsible for committing or condoning human rights violations and international crimes. Al-Marsad also aims at developing itself so as to become a fundamental reference source for those seeking information on human rights violations in the Occupied Syrian Golan. Al-Marsad will furthermore attempt to fortify both its presence and build awareness of human rights law and humanitarian law on local, regional and international levels. Al-Marsad’s mission remains clear: working to protect and promote human rights and respect for the rule of law in the Occupied Syrian Golan, with a commitment to the overall application of international law, in particular: international humanitarian law and international human rights law. In the course of its strategic planning, Al-Marsad has developed and now adheres to three overall goals. Since our inception, these goals have guided all the organisation’s strategies and activities. Al-Marsad concentrates its efforts on: i) Building a solid non-governmental, civilian and independent institution, whose members, contributors and staff have a clear picture of their role, and can develop their capacities and abide to a shared internal governance structure. ii) Remaining the principal resource for research and legal advice on human rights violations (since 1967) in the Occupied Syrian Golan. iii) Working and developing as part of a regional and international network, which disseminates knowledge and expertise, raises awareness about fundamental human rights and humanitarian issues, as well as share its research and ideas according to an internally and commonly developed advocacy strategy. Since its establishment in 2003, Al-Marsad has sought to document human rights violations perpetrated by Israel (the occupying power) against civilians and their private property. Special focus is given to civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, as well as humanitarian law principles: expulsion of the native Syrian population (ethnic cleansing), the control of land and water by Israel, separated families, settlement expansion, annexation, land mines, housing rights and planning restrictions. Through its work, Al-Marsad seeks to monitor and document human rights law and humanitarian law violations, and to urge the international community to pressure Israel to respect international law, stop its violations and end its occupation of the Syrian Golan.
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Company Offices

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  • Box 9 Majdal Shams
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