• Organization TypeImplementing NGO
  • HeadquartersNepal
  • Founded2010

Alliance for Idol Mission Nepal (AIM-Nepal)

Alliance for Idol Mission Nepal (AIM-Nepal), a non-government organization was established in 2010 in Sunsari, District Administration Office, Sunsari and in Internal Revenue Office, Dharan. It has particularly has been working for the empowerment of youth, and women. A pragmatic team of young social workers had come together and established the organization with a vision of non-discriminatory Nepal. Since its establishment, AIM-Nepal has been raising awareness, urging advocacy, and strengthening the leadership capability of the excluded groups in the community. It has been mobilizing the underutilized community resources for the empowerment of the girl/women through their own participation. Alliance for Idol Mission Nepal (AIM-Nepal), particularly has been working for the empowerment of youth, and women. VISION - Their expedition is against gender violence for peace in family and equality in society. - AIM Nepal focus has always been on the prevention of violence of women/girl, a burning issue for Nepal. Enhance to develop income-generation, skill, and awareness-based empowerment, focus on quality education and health. - AIM-Nepal vision a nation where women/girls are informed empowered and can make a difference no matter where they sit on the socio-economic scale will make their village where young people are freely given the opportunity to take part in decision making, state leadership, and nation building. MISSION - AIM-Nepal believes young people have particularly women/girls have unique insights, experiences, and recommendations that can make decision making more effective. Their mission is, therefore, to develop the abilities of young people, create and access opportunities that improve their lives and communities and also ensure that young women/girls are influencing policy decisions that affect their lives and help to realize their rights. - The abused women/girls, children, suffering victims of gender violence; adolescent girls are the major target groups or say, beneficiaries of their programs. The organization will centralize to make them conscious, able, united and active. They will be able to consume Human Rights and Fundamental Rights provided by the state. Society will be happy, prosperous, self-dependent, non-discriminated and family will be peaceful.
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Company Offices

  • Nepal (headquarters)
  • Inaruwa
  • Aadarsh Tole Inaruwa Municipality Ward no. 1 Province no. 1