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Located in the center of Paris, the American Graduate School in Paris (AGS) offers US higher education programs, taught in English, to students from around the world. AGS specializes in international relations, diplomacy, and related areas, leading to a broad range of careers in international affairs, from government to intergovernmental organizations, to NGOs and the private sector. AGS concentrates all of the qualities of a top rate education in an intimate learning environment. For students interested in pursuing or advancing their career in international affairs, whether in government, international organizations, nonprofit, or international business, the American Graduate School in Paris offers programs specializing in international relations, diplomacy, international business, and related areas. Two types of programs are available: degree programs (at the graduate level only) and part-time non-degree programs, including certificate programs and study abroad in Paris. All classes are taught at the American Graduate School in Paris, in the center of Paris, and open to students from all backgrounds and nationalities. The language of instruction is English, so you do not need any prior knowledge of French to apply - you then have the opportunity to learn French along with your curriculum. The AGS experience combines the interactive methods and internationally recognized excellence of US higher education with the rich resources of France and Europe, in an intimate and personalized learning environment. The AGSIRD program focuses on the factors of analysis and prediction, and the theories - illustrated by historical and contemporary experience - applicable to understanding the roles of the participants in today's international relations and diplomacy. There are three elements in the AGSIRD method: The traditional international relations curriculum quintet (political science, economics, international law, international organizations, and diplomacy) are fundamental but insufficient to provide full understanding of foreign affairs today and tomorrow. Hence AGSIRD searches for additional insights from pertinent social and physical sciences, ethics and the humanities. AGSIRD courses are synergistic. No subject is taught in isolation. Efforts are made to relate theory and practice. Faculty members have spent a significant part of their careers as practitioners, as well as attaining the highest academic credentials. Students are required to observe foreign affairs realities first hand. Though AGSIRD was founded on the liberal tradition of the medieval universities of Europe, it is a distinctly American university. AGSIRD's fundamental mission is to provide high quality teaching, learning, research, publications, conferences and services in the fields of international relations and diplomacy.

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