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The Arcady Group helps organizations and businesses address global health issues, enhance patient and disease management, and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of health systems.  It's single, unchanging focus is on understanding and addressing the issue of medication non-adherence across disease states, patient demographics, geographies, and dosing formats. The name of The Arcady Group comes from the ancient name for the North Star—The Star of Arcady.  For its clients, its goal is to act as their “North Star” – serving as a reliable partner in navigating the complexities of patient medication adherence.  They help inculcate an awareness of adherence into their clients’ strategies and activities. They help them understand the causative factors associated with poor adherence and the cost (in mortality, in morbidity, and in lost revenue and profit) of poor adherence. They identify available, proven-effective, and scalable interventions to address poor adherence. Finally, they help them to act – to take the small or large steps required to begin addressing poor adherence at global scale. They believe that, working together can begin to enhance medication adherence, support differentiated care, and make a positive difference in patients’ lives. Vision To turn the science of patient medication adherence into action – enhancing adherence at global scale to make a meaningful difference in patients’ lives. Mission To assist purpose-driven organizations and businesses address global health issues, improve patient health outcomes, accelerate drug development, and drive global growth by solving the complicated and multi-factorial problem of patient medication non-adherence.

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