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ASA TARATRA sarl is a Malagasy design office specializing in rural engineering, civil engineering, buildings and the environment, which also operates in the field of cartography and its derivatives. ASA TARATRA sarl was created in 1998 as a sole proprietorship but in view of its expansion and for more credibility vis-à-vis its customers, it changed its legal status in 2003 and became a limited liability company (SARL ). Its creation is dictated by the sense of responsibility of young engineers who want to participate actively in the development of the country through their know-how and competence. ASA TARATRA sarl  operates with two interdependent entities: a "command" organ provided by management and a "motor" body made up of three technical departments. For who? ASA TARATRA sarl is for all those who aim for: performance and quality in the fields of engineering. ASA TARATRA sarl is open to all development actors such as public administration, donors, programs, projects, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, civil society, ... How? ASA TARATRA sarl offers its customers a team of dynamic engineers, highly skilled technicians and experienced consultants. His ambition is to prove the effectiveness of Malagasy engineers, responsible for the country's future. Its objective is to contribute effectively to both rural and urban development. Its concern is to put in the hands of customers and partners the synergy ASA TARATRA sarl for their needs. To this end, the ASA TARATRA sarl management commits, thanks to an awareness and involvement of all staff, to set up and apply a quality management system in accordance with the international ISO 9001 standard, 2008 version and to continually improve it, ASA TARATRA sarl is currently supported by an external structure in order to obtain a certification on its management system. Their activities The main activities of the ASA TARATRA Research Office are: - design and studies - assistance with contracting - management, control and surveillance - capacity building of actors - support, technical assistance, training and coaching in the following areas: RURAL ENGINEERING AND ENVIRONMENT - Drinking water supply and sanitation - Dams, hydroagricultural and hydroelectric facilities - Environmental impact study - Natural Resource Management CIVIL ENGINEERING - Roads, tracks, bridges and structures - Architecture and all-purpose buildings - Sanitation, roads, various networks (VRD) - Urban development: intersection, parking, stairs, park, ... TOPOGRAPHY AND CARTOGRAPHY - Topography and geometric project - Modeling and 3D rendering - Geographic Information System (GIS) The services of ASA TARATRA sarl in terms of studies start from the orientation phase to the preparation of tender documents (DAO) through the preliminary draft (APS), the detailed design (ODA) but depending on the context, ASA TARATRA sarl can also intervene in the formulation and the instruction of the projects. In addition, it should be noted that since 2002, ASA TARATRA sarl, in consortium with the company ENTRAID (Company of Studies and Works in Development and Diverse Infrastructures), lends its services to the Program SAHA IMERINA financed by the Swiss Intercooperation in Delegated Contracting Authority (MOD) of community and village infrastructure projects. For this purpose, it intervenes in: - design and implementation of infrastructure initiatives - contracting - project management and supervisio

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