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ASSEFA (Association for Sarva Seva Farms – Associazione per le Fattorie al Servizio di Tutti)



  • Organization TypeImplementing NGO
  • Staff51-100
  • HeadquartersItaly
  • Founded2012
ASSEFA (Association for Sarva Seva Farms - Association for Farms of All Service) is a non-profit organization registered in the Regional Registry of the Third Sector of the Liguria Region, Voluntary Organizations section pursuant to art. 17 of the regional law 42/2012 with management decree 5727 of 29.11.2016. Inspired by Gandhian inspiration, it carries out dissemination and awareness of the relationship between sustainability and nonviolence and the relationship between "ecology and equity". Theirr goal is to identify and implement initiatives and actions that can contribute to reducing environmental degradation and social injustice. They collaborate with the NGO "ASSEFA India" helping small peasant communities, poor and marginalized, to embark on a path towards self-sufficiency. In depressed areas of the Indian subcontinent, peripheral and underdeveloped areas, where the majority of the peasants, often of low caste or semi-tribal, depends on agriculture for their survival, ASSEFA promotes projects of integrated development , including economic, social, educational , spiritual and involve everyone, in a truly  democratic way . We have been raising funds for fair and sustainable development projects for over 45 years and we propose distance support

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  • Italy (headquarters)
  • Milan
  • ASSEFA Sede: Via Roma 104, 18038 Sanremo