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Association des Sociétés d’Electricité d’Afrique (ASEA)

APUA was created with the purpose of promoting development and integration of the African power systems through the interconnection of networks, the exchanges of experiences and know-how as well as the pooling of energy resources in a win-win approach for all members. Since 2002, UPDEA has adopted a new vision according to which, APUA must henceforth be the primary catalyst of the realization of access to electricity for all the peoples of Africa. During the Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting held in Algiers in December 2012, APUA was entitled with the mission “to bring together African power utilities and stakeholders towards making power more accessible, affordable and reliable for the African peoples” and core values which are: Integrity Transparency Responsibility Excellence Trust APUA works as a development institution working closely with the African Union and other African specialized institutions regarding power projects on the Continent. As energy resources are not evenly distributed across the continent, APUA has committed itself after having actively participated in the inception of some of them to coordinate the forum of the African regional power pools in close collaboration with the African Energy Commission and the African Union Commission. Thus APUA works to harmonize their master plans and in the exchange of information and experiences. The ultimate objective is to have an African interconnected grid that can enable power flow from North to South, Centre to West and East, etc. Formally, APUA was founded on December 4th, 2012 during the Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting held in Algiers (Algeria) by the African power utilities members of UPDEA. UPDEA is the Union of Producers, Transporters and Distributors of Electric Power in Africa. It was created in May 1970. Its headquartered are in Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire). After 40 years of life, UPDEA member companies have decided to implement the recommendations of the study of a five-year Strategic Action Plan to rejuvenate the Union and make it more consistent with the current environment of the African power sector and more responsive to the aspirations of its members, including the change of name.  
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