• Organization TypeDevelopment Consulting
  • HeadquartersJapan
  • Founded2001

Asuka World Consultants

Asuka World Consultant Co., Ltd. is a consulting company established by AMDA, an international NGO, for the purpose of utilizing the experience and knowledge accumulated through activities in the health field in Asia, Africa and Latin America in various ODA projects. Direct beneficiaries of official development assistance (ODA) projects are usually employees of the partner country's government, but they would like to value consideration of indirect and final beneficiaries' participation in the project and the positive and negative impacts on them. . "Beeger's perspective" And they place great importance on consulting services that stick to thorough on-site principles from a multifaceted perspective. "Site principle" In addition, they currently have experts who have a wealth of experience not only in the health field but also in fields such as education development, peacebuilding, and public investment, so it will be possible to propose and implement new innovations necessary to solve problems. think. "Creating new value" Even now, the international community is not responding to the various development needs of the majority of the world's population of over 7 billion people, and further contributions from the Japanese government and the Japanese people are being sought. Asuka World Consultant Co., Ltd. hopes to play a part in Japan's international contribution as an organization headquartered in Japan. "Japan's international contribution" Asuka World Consultant Co., Ltd., based on customer requests, creates new value that leads to improved management of organizations and communities and public services through dialogue and learning with governments and local people in developing countries. This is an organization that contributes to Japan's international cooperation that contributes to national and regional development. Asuka World Consultant Co., Ltd. is a client and partner in the field of international cooperation, especially in the field of project management, research and evaluation activities in the software field such as human development and community development, etc. They aim to provide high-quality services that meet the needs and priorities of their customers. To that end, they will endeavor to expand the organization to form a group of experts with high expertise and ethical standards. Human development refers to the departure from absolute poverty that can be said to be indispensable for protecting human dignity and freedom, basic education, ensuring fair and equal access to health services, and a peaceful living environment. It means a development environment that can be built and maintained. Therefore, Asuka World Consultant Co., Ltd. cooperates with the governments of developing countries facing various challenges in the human development field, and sees the situation where people and communities have great hopes for their future. They will make every effort to create together.
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Company Offices

  • Japan (headquarters)
  • Okayama
  • Okayama Textile Hall, 4-5 Nobuyamacho, Kita-ku,