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  • Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO
  • HeadquartersGermany
  • Founded2017
Barikama is a complex project - both in terms of organization and content. Their documentary film is financed by crowdfunding so that they can work freely and independently. Content is about social entrepreneurship, climate change, causes of flight, tradition and the importance of electricity in people's lives. In their blog they would like to let their interested parties participate in all this, so that together they can make Barikama a reality. Barikama - Energy for Africa is a documentary about sustainable power supply in Africa, its potential and challenges. To do this they will travel to Mali together with the social electricity supplier Africa GreenTec. There they visit a Malian village in the Mandé region, which will receive a container of solar modules in a few days. They take a look at the work of Africa GreenTec and ask people what their hopes and fears are with regard to the project. They also try to place events in the international context of development aid, refugee flows and climate change. However, they do not want to provide a rating - but many different arguments that allow the viewer to form his own, differentiated opinion. They would like to take as unbiased a view as possible of the situation and look at the villagers and their culture on an equal footing. They hope to experience the term " Barikama " (Bambara for "powerful") in all its meanings! They could certainly inspire a television editorial for this topic or produce an image film for Africa GreenTec. But neither would do justice to their claim. A television production must always fit into a specific format, must tell the editors in advance, what exactly should come out, if necessary, have a certain perspective. An image film would always be filmed only from the point of view of the client. In both cases, they would always have a client with a clear target in the back - and thus directly a scissors in mind. They do not want that here, that would not do justice to the topic in their eyes. Therefore they would like to put the financing on a broad basis: Just like the first container the film is to be financed via Crowdfunding.  Because then YOU are the clients - and in the end they are exclusively obliged to YOU ​​to deliver a good film. Everyone involved in the funding receives regular updates on the progress, exclusive insights into the production - and a link to us, the creators of the film.  Let us be your eyes and rediscover Africa, power supply and social economy and make a film that has never been so.

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