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Bloomberg Philanthrophies

Bloomberg Philanthropies' mission is to ensure better, longer lives for the greatest number of people. While their goals are lofty, their approach is rooted in Mike Bloomberg’s unique experience as one of the world's most successful entrepreneurs, and as mayor of America's largest city. Bloomberg Philanthropies works to create catalytic change across their five areas of focus: arts and culture, education, the environment, government innovation, and public health. Additionally, Bloomberg Philanthropies is the umbrella encompassing all of the Mike Bloomberg's charitable activities, including the Bloomberg Family Foundation and his personal giving. Unique among todayʼs leading philanthropists, Mike Bloomberg has run both a multi-billion-dollar company — Bloomberg LP, a technology company he founded in 1981 — and one of the worldʼs largest cities. His entrepreneurial spirit, public- policy experience, and belief in the power of cities to drive solutions to pressing global problems define Bloomberg Philanthropiesʼ approach to making the world a better place. The five areas encompass the issues Mike Bloomberg and his team are most passionate about, and where they believe the greatest good can be achieved. While Bloomberg Philanthropies works on a wide range of issues within each focus area, we apply a distinctive approach to all of their undertakings.   Their Work Environment Bloomberg Philanthropies is tackling major environmental threats not only to protect the planet, but also to improve public health and the state of their global economy. Carbon emissions are expected to lead to more dangerous and severe weather, while air and water pollution threaten their health. The potential negative impacts of damaging their natural resources are severe, but the vast majority of these impacts are preventable.  Through their Environment program, Bloomberg Philanthropies is bridging the public and private sectors to address some of the most serious threats to their environment using proven strategies and innovative approaches.   Public Health A central part of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ mission is to save and improve as many lives as possible. A key way they determine what issues to address is by looking at data on the leading causes of death worldwide, many of which are preventable. The Bloomberg Philanthropies Public Health program works to develop and implement proven strategies that help tackle major health risk factors and protect and improve lives around the world. Nevertheless, philanthropy alone cannot achieve sustainable change. That’s why their Public Health program works with governments, strong partners and advocates around the world to strengthen public health policies and improve enforcement of public health laws.   Government Innovation In an era of shrinking resources and heightened demand for services, governments need creative solutions now more than ever. Bloomberg Philanthropies focuses on helping cities and city leaders around the globe use innovation to solve major problems and improve city life. Through a variety of efforts, their Government Innovation program finds and tests new ideas that address common challenges and spreads effective strategies among cities. By promoting and institutionalizing innovation within local government, they help create results that are visible, measurable, and meaningful for citizens.   Education America went from being a global leader in education to ranking 22nd in the world for high school completion rates and 12th for the percentage of 25 to 34-year-olds with college degrees. While industries have changed and continue to charge ahead, U.S. education standards have not kept pace with the rising demand for critical thinking and problem- solving skills needed for success in the 21st Century economy. No single solution exists for improving education in America. To drive reform, Bloomberg Philanthropies and Mike Bloomberg support a variety of education efforts, such as backing pro-reform candidates and legislation, sponsoring new assessments to inform and empower parents and educators, and connecting strong educational leaders with opportunities to spread success and strengthen education policy. All of the education strategies they pursue aim to answer one common question:  how can they benefit the students?   Arts The arts are a valuable way to engage citizens and strengthen communities. Through innovative partnerships and bold approaches, the Bloomberg Philanthropies Arts program works to increase access to culture using new technologies, and to strengthen and empower artists and cultural organizations to reach broader audiences.  
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