British Association for Literacy in Development (BALID)


BALID is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) promoting adult and family literacy and numeracy as a basic human right, in the context of development. As a UK charity, BALID brings together organisations and individuals who believe that sharing experience about learning and literacy can help enrich workers and citizens in both the industrial and the developing world. This is because, as its header photo (of a literacy parade in Vanuatu) declares, ‘Literacy imparts longevity!’ – and much else besides. Aims -promote literacy and numeracy for adults and families as an integral part of human development; -increase awareness of the relationship between literacy, numeracy, economic development and social change, in partnership with other appropriate organisations; -inform and advise governments, NGOs and the private sector on adult literacy and numeracy within the context of development; -contribute to programmes for adult literacy and numeracy; -facilitate interactions and exchanges between those working in adult literacy and numeracy programmes; -exchange experiences and research findings in order to inform future practice. BALID is managed by an Executive Committee, which includes individual members from different sectors who wish to promote literacy, as well as academics and practitioners working and researching the field in many different parts of the world. 

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