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The Brondesbury Group is a research and consulting firm that bridges the gap between market research firms and high-level strategy consultancies. The firm is built on a base of experienced professionals with backgrounds in financial services, government, health, education and organizational psychology. Their principals have worked with most of the largest banks in the world. Domestically, tehy have worked with a wide range of insurers, investment dealers and fund companies, as well as their regulators and industry associations. They typically work on projects that present challenges for most firms - too much data, not enough information, or a need for specialized knowledge and research methods. Projects most often require a timely solution to an immediate problem, but they also maintain a number of long-term advisory relationships. Their specialty is finding out what decision-makers really need even when they are unable to articulate those needs themselves. This helps you set your priorities and helps them find solutions to your problems. They use plain language to tell you about what people need, whether those people are businesses, community leaders, special interest groups, or just the "person in the street". Ultimately, they recommend ways to help you meet the needs of your "clients" with the resources you have available. Methods & Core Competencies The methods they use are varied, just like the needs of their clients. They have no pre-set bias. Synthesis of existing research (both studies and databases), organizational analysis, in-depth personal interviews, analysis of in-house or supplied databases, internet surveys, focus groups (in-person or online), online conferences, and telephone surveys are all regularly used in their studies. More innovative methods like opinion leader and community leader techniques are used in their future studies. Formal content analysis is often used with all of these methods to draw far more from people's comments than the usual haphazard approaches. And unlike most firms, we specialize in using these techniques with decision-makers in business and government, as well as with professional advisors and ordinary households. If required, their statistical capabilities are unusually sophisticated including robust data analysis, scaling techniques, data mining, predictive behavioral modeling, and classical multivariate statistics. While their techniques are sophisticated, they have developed the knack of presenting findings and implications in plain language.

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