Cellule D'Execution Des Projects - Eaux (CEP-O)

The DRC government has secured a US $ 190 million grant from IDA to finance the implementation of the Urban Drinking Water Supply Project, known as PEMU. This project has the following objectives: To increase access to water in the selected urban areas of the three cities of Kinshasa, Lubumbashi and Matadi in a sustainable manner (access rate of 55% in 2013 against 42% in 2008) as well as the efficiency of REGIDESO with the attainment of the following: (i) improved access to basic water services, mainly through domestic connections and standpipes; (ii) a reduction in losses and an increase in productivity; and (iii) an improvement in the financial situation of REGIDESO. Thus directly contribute to achieving the Millennium Development Goals, especially the seventh of them (MDG-7) which aims to halve, by 2015, the percentage of people without access sustainable drinking water and basic sanitation. And indirectly contribute to achieving the other MDGs: MDG-1 (improving quality of life), MDG-4 (reducing child mortality), MDG-5 (improving maternal health), and MDG-6 (combating child mortality). against the spread of HIV / AIDS, malaria and other diseases).
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