• Organization TypeImplementing NGO
  • HeadquartersCameroon
  • Founded1994

Center for Development and the Environment (CED Cameroon)

Mission and Objectives The CED's mission is to contribute to the protection of the rights, interests, culture and aspirations of local and indigenous communities in the forests of Central Africa, by promoting environmental justice and the sustainable management of forests. natural resources in the region. Their goals are: - Reduce the ecological and social impacts of extractive industries; - Contribute to the local development of indigenous communities and peoples, respecting their environment and culture; - Contribute to changing forest, biodiversity and extractive industry management policies and practices, for reasons of effectiveness and the promotion of participation; - Contribute to the improvement of land policies to secure the rights of communities on their lands. Vision Their vision is to see a society in which the management of natural resources (forest, oil, mines, land) ensures, in the long term, social, economic and ecological sustainability.   History The Center for Development and the Environment (CED) is an independent and apolitical organization founded in 1994 by a group of Cameroonians and foreigners. It was created in response to the crisis of forest management in Cameroon, observed at the beginning of the 90's, with the sharp increase in industrial production of timber, the development of illegal logging, the recrudescence of poaching, and the ecological, social and economic problems caused by this increased commercial pressure on the forest. The field of action of the CED gradually extended to the problems of the extractive industries (oil, then other minerals), perceived as threats to the rights of the population and the environment. Winner in maturity, In 1997, the CED became more professional and structured, notably through the implementation of a gender policy (extended to relations between indigenous populations and Bantu). and a focus on training. Since the beginning of the 2000s, the CED has made capacity building one of the pillars of its strategy. It supports NGOs and local associations of the forest zone in Cameroon, and in other countries of the Congo Basin (CAR, Gabon, Republic of Congo, DRC), on issues related to the monitoring of logging illegal, support approach to indigenous communities, law (forestry, mining, indigenous communities, environment, ...), monitoring of infrastructure and resource extraction projects, participatory mapping, etc.
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