Center for Macroeconomic Analysis and Short-Term Forecasting

Non-Profit Partnership The Center for Macroeconomic Analysis and Short-Term Forecasting (CAMAC) is an independent non-profit research organization specializing in the analysis of macroeconomic processes in Russia, developing scenario economic forecasts for the short, medium and long term, instrumental support for analytical and forecast calculations. General Director of the Center (since February 2006): Elena Abramova The main tasks of CMACC: carrying out of researches directed on revealing of tendencies of development of the Russian economy, development of macrostructural scenario forecasts; development of recommendations in the field of economic policy, provision of consulting services for the authorities of the Russian Federation, large companies, public organizations; development of methodological and instrumental support of analytical and forecast economic calculations. The main activities of CMAAC: Monitoring of current macroeconomic processes in the Russian economy; macroeconomic research, forecasting; analysis of the most important trends and forecastingpublic finance, monetary sphere, banking system, foreign economic sphere, social sphere; analysis of the most important trends in the real sector of the economy; elaboration of proposals for the conduct of economic policy for public authorities; development of methodology and tools for macroeconomic analysis and forecasting
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Company Offices

  • Russian Federation (headquarters)
  • Moscow
  • 117418, Москва, Нахимовский пр., 47, ком. 1308
  • 1308