• Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO
  • Staff6-25
  • HeadquartersPeru
  • Founded2005

Center for the Promotion and Defense of Sexual and Reproductive Rights (Centro de Promocion y Defensa de los Derechos Sexuales y Reproductivos - PROMSEX)

PROMSEX is a feminist non-governmental organization that, through political advocacy, the generation of knowledge and alliances, helps people decide on their sexuality and reproduction with autonomy, dignity, justice, and equality. PROMSEX inspires feminist leadership at the local, national, and regional levels, consolidating its technical recognition and capacity for innovation and strengthening inclusive alliances for political public advocacy on Sexual Rights and Reproductive Rights. STRATEGIC AREAS OF CHANGE For this new five-year period, PROMSEX has established a path of change at different levels (society, actors, public policies, and authorities), with clearly defined lines of intervention and indicators, with the aim that, in the year 2024, we will find a fairer society for all people, free from gender stereotypes and prejudices. At society level Generate, disseminate, and use evidence to support and expand approaches to SRR and SRH; as well as strengthening the conceptualization of SRR as a component of human rights. Strengthen the capacities of trainers and opinion leaders in promoting arguments in favor of SRR. Inform public opinion (especially the most vulnerable sectors) in order to increase their support for SRR and reduce social tolerance to different types of violence. At the actor level Inform political organizations and civil society to achieve favorable positions on issues of health, SRR, equality, and non-discrimination. Promote the commitment to the promotion and defense of SRR and gender equality of professional associations and unions, especially those that operate in the field of health, law, and education. Strengthen the involvement, intervention strategies, and leadership of civil society organizations, especially women's, youth, LGBTI, and human rights organizations, in enforcing SRR at the local, national, and regional levels. Promote ethical-political dialogue between sectors of society on SRR, equality, and non-discrimination. At the law / public policy level Promote policies and regulatory frameworks that guarantee the full exercise of SRR through advocacy strategies at the local, national, and regional levels. Harmonize international standards of human rights, SRR, and justice with local and national laws, public policies, technical standards, and health and education guidelines. Defend the existing regulatory frameworks that favor the full exercise of SRR and Human Rights, through advocacy and response strategies to opposition sectors. Promote social monitoring and accountability mechanisms at the local, national, and regional levels to guarantee SRR and Human Rights. At the level of authorities and operators of the public system Strengthen the technical skills of the authorities and operators of public services, to implement the regulatory frameworks related to comprehensive sexuality education (ESI) and SRH services. Improve understanding of human rights frameworks and ethical frameworks in public service authorities and operators. Provide technical support to public service authorities and operators in the promotion and implementation of SSR and ESI services.
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