• Organization TypeGovernment, Service Providers
  • Founded1972

Central Mine Planning and Design Institute (CMPDI)

Central Mine Planning & Design Institute Limited (CMPDI) is a Government of India enterprise having its corporate headquarters at Ranchi in India. It is a fully owned subsidiary of Coal India Limited (CIL) and a Schedule-B company. It is a Mini Ratna (Category II) company since May 2009 and ISO 9001 certified since March 1998. It is also on way for ISO 27001 certification for its information security management. In 1972, CMPDI was originally conceived and proposed by a joint study group with Polish experts as a comprehensive planning set-up under one roof for entire Indian mining industry, which was then operating on a rudimentary planning system. This was also the time when Indian coal-industry was being nationalized to enable it to support the high growth of energy sector required for speedy industrial growth of the country in the coming years. In December 1973, the Government of India approved the proposal of CMPDI's formation restricting its field of activities initially to the then nationalized coal-industry, since the need for scientific planning for the coalmining sector had become paramount. In January 1974, CMPDI started functioning as a division of the then recently constituted Coal Mines Authority Limited (CMAL), and the planning wing of erstwhile National Coal Development Corporation (NCDC) forming its nucleus. On 1st November 1975, CMAL was merged to form Coal India Limited, and CMPDI attained the status of a public limited company under CIL with declared scope of its business under its Memorandum of Association broadly in line with its original proposal.   CMPDI undertakes the following types of jobs. The services of CMPDI fall under the following broad heads. a. Consultancy, eg, formulation of a project-report or a study-report. b. Tests/analyses, eg, field tests or laboratory analyses. c. Operations/processing, eg, field survey or data processing or training. d. Installations/construction, eg, a construction/installation of a project or a plant. All these are in the following fields. A. MINERAL EXPLORATION 1. Geological Exploration 2. Geological, Geotechnical. & Allied Support B. MINING 1. Mine Planning & Design 2. Mining Support Services C. ALLIED ENGINEERING 1. Engineering Planning & Design 2. Engineering Support Services D. ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT E. MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS  F. TRAINING SERVICES
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