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The Centre for Women’s Justice is a new charity, founded in 2016. They aim to bring together specialist lawyers, academics and other experts in the field of violence against women, with those working on the frontline as activists, survivors and service providers to bring strategic law challenges and ensure access to justice for victims of male violence. By connecting these specialist areas they hope to better monitor the challenges on the ground and identify particular cases to take forward. They hope to access the expertise of a range of experts to enhance their arguments and evidence base and have maximum impact. By networking across the jurisdiction of England and Wales, through publicity and training they aim to ensure that all those who require access to good lawyers in this area can get connected.  Mission They are charity committed to securing justice for women when men are violent towards them. They do this by: -Holding the state accountable for failures in the prevention of violence against women and girls -Supporting individuals and groups who challenge institutions and laws that perpetuate such violence -Undertaking strategic litigation and facilitating legal assistance -Bringing together victims, women’s groups, lawyers, academics and other experts in the field of violence against women -Raising awareness of specific cases and issues arising from their work -Monitoring and challenging trends in policy, practice and the law which impacts on violence against women and girls Why They Exist The Centre for Women’s Justice aims to help women and girls who are subject to male violence get better access to legal remedies to defend and enhance their rights. There is no doubt that women, as victims, defendants and witnesses suffer very significant structural disadvantage within the criminal justice system. This is not primarily because of direct unequal treatment (although that does exist) but because of the failure to recognise the structural oppression that underlies the different experiences of women and men as they grow up in a world where violence against women persists. Violence against women and girls is now widely recognised as a global endemic problem.  It takes many forms including, but not limited to, domestic violence, rape and sexual abuse, the production of pornography, prostitution, female genital mutilation and forced marriage. A large proportion of women incarcerated in prisons, mental health institutions and immigration detention have suffered sexual abuse and domestic violence.  Women who are primarily victims of violence but have either fought back against male violence or been held to be lacking in credibility are being criminalized and punished most severely.  Institutions such as the police, that sport impeccable equality and diversity policies, are riddled with levels of sexism within their ranks that at times appears institutionalized.
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