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Copijn is a unique company with various services under one roof. Our landscape architects focus on the redevelopment of green heritage and the urban green living environment. As the founder of the profession, our tree specialists have a great deal of knowledge and experience in the field of larger and more complex tree transplants, planting areas and pruning. With the construction and management of innovative roof gardens and green façade walls, Copijn is one of the forerunners in our industry. This combination makes us unique and provides added value: we know how to perfectly combine aesthetics and feasibility. Vision Climatic changes and urbanization require new green applications and sustainable use of historic greenery. Copijn improves intensive living environments with green solutions and creates future prospects for historic greenery. Mission For the survival of this earth, greenery is an indispensable element. Copijn is committed to connecting and enhancing the essential with the aesthetic, so that a healthy, beautiful green environment can be enjoyed now and in the future. Focus RE-DEVELOPMENT OF GREEN HERITAGE The Netherlands has many beautiful old parks, country estates, estates and fortifications. Copijn gives these special places a new life and brings the green heritage a century further. URBAN GREEN LIVING ENVIRONMENT We work and live in the city knowing that there is little room for greenery. Copijn is a specialist in creating an urban green living environment through roof gardens, vertical gardens, parks and indoor landscaping. History With the treatment of the so-called 1000-year-old lime tree in the Utrecht village of Achterberg by J'ørn Copijn in 1966, the Netherlands became richer in both a business and craftsmanship. The linden tree, which was severely damaged after a storm and appeared to be put to death, was treated by Copijn in such a way that the tree did not have to be felled. The treatment of the linden tree consisted of reducing the crown, anchoring the main branches and reinforcing the trunk with steel sutures. The unique profession of tree surgeon was born. In the 50 years that Copijn has existed, it is no longer just about trees. In 1980, after her Wageningen study, Lia Copijn introduced the Garden and Landscape architecture within the company. Subsequently, the landscaping and management branch was added to the company in the 1980s, creating an integral and unique organization. This made it possible to realize our ideas about the design of the Dutch landscape, of estates, country estates, cemeteries, parks, gardens and cities in high-profile projects. No monumental tree or we know it, no landscape or we have thought about it, no city or we have designed or constructed something. In 1994, J'ørn and Lia Copijn sold their company in Utrecht to Arcadis (then Heidemij). Their children had indicated that they did not want to continue the business. In 2006 they left the company and it was no longer a family business. The sale of the company by Arcadis to six private investors followed in 2008. Copijn continues as a brand. Today, Copijn consists of four disciplines: Copijn Garden and Landscape Architects, Copijn Advice, Copijn Tree Specialists and Copijn Landscaping and Management.  
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Company Offices

  • Netherlands (headquarters)
  • Copijn Gageldijk 4 F 3566 ME UTRECHT
  • Utrecht