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  • Organization TypeImplementing NGO
  • Staff251-500
  • Development Budget25 Million - 50 Million
  • HeadquartersUnited States
  • Founded1965
Counterpart International is a global development organization that empowers people and communities to implement innovative and enduring solutions to social, economic, and environmental challenges. For nearly 50 years, Counterpart has been forging partnerships with communities in need to address complex problems related to economic development, food security and nutrition, and building effective governance and institutions. Counterpart has done groundbreaking work in more than 65 nations worldwide. Today we are widely regarded as an international development pioneer and leader – known best for our unique approach to partnership and capacity building, a commitment to learning and continuous improvement, and a reputation as a responsible steward of funder resources. In all we do, our ultimate goal is to have enduring impact– empowering every community we serve with the ability to create lasting change and build true self-reliance.   AREAS OF FOCUS   Effective Governance and Institutions Counterpart's effective governance and institutions programming works at the individual, community and institutional levels to: -give citizens a voice in their own development; -strengthen civil society organizations to better serve community needs; -promote partnership and mutual investment in community development among NGOs, business and government; and -foster civic engagement and advocacy for policy reform.   Economic Development Counterpart’s economic development programs aim to enhance livelihoods, job creation, and quality of life through community-driven economic development planning, enhanced productivity and profitability of small and medium businesses, expansion of markets and access to financing, and environmental conservation and restoration. We strengthen the capacity of business associations, users associations and business support organizations to effectively advocate for government policies that enable businesses along the value chain to prosper. Integral to our approach is the fostering of partnerships among business, government, non-governmental organizations, and communities to ensure mutual ownership and investment in economic development planning and execution. Counterpart’s programs place emphasis on inclusion of vulnerable groups, especially women, as project implementers and beneficiaries of improved skills to better their lives.   Food Security and Nutrition Counterpart works with individuals, families and communities to increase the quantity, reliability, variety and nutrition of their food supply.  We work closely with communities to identify and address the full spectrum of issues affecting food security: -Increasing the Availability of Nutritious Food -Increasing Access to Food -Improving Utilization of Food -Increasing Stability of Food Supply  

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19 October 2016
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  • Security Manager
    Congo, The Democratic Republic of
  • Strategic Grants Director, Kabul
  • Security Communications Specialist
  • Chief of Party, Niger

Staff at Counterpart International have experience in


  • monitoring / evaluation
  • public administration
  • development
  • human rights
  • gender


  • united states agency for international development
  • foundation
  • european union
  • african union
  • department for international development


  • cameroon
  • afghanistan
  • senegal
  • malawi
  • dominican republic


  • managerial experience
  • business development
  • experience in recruitment
  • international experience
  • with experience in conflict areas

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  • United States (headquarters)
  • Arlington
  • 2345 Crystal Drive Ste. 301


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