David Clark Cause (DCC)


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David Clark Cause has a proven track record of working with leading professionals around the world to create unique Cause Brands for Governments, World Leaders, Dignitaries, Celebrities, Corporations and Charities. Recognized for the quality of its original ideas, DCC is renowned for creating purpose driven initiatives and intellectual property that elevate the human condition. By creating proprietary Cause Brands, events and campaigns in all forms of media, DCC creates humanitarian solutions that break through the clutter to reach and resonate with the masses. What They Do CREATE CAUSE BRANDS From concept through completion DCC will help engineer a sustainable Cause Brand and provide guidance on how to maintain and grow it. Before DCC begins, it first understands the companies goals and objectives, then runs an audit of a their history and heritage, to see if the origin of a Cause Brand can be pulled from the very DNA of the company. Once the purpose of the brand is established, then DCC creates a compelling name, logo and branding system to communicate it to the intended audience. DCC then maps out all the brand extensions, and with it’s deep relationships in the charitable world, helps to forge relationships with some of the most renowned humanitarian organizations to be a beneficiary of the Cause Brand, and in return provide credibility for it. Depending on the scope of a clients needs, and how they want to scale, DCC is there to offer guidance every step of the way. PRODUCE CAUSE FLASH SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNS A Cause Flash ends with a social media blitz launched en masse, which consists of the aggregated “Social Media Voices” (Twitter, Facebook followers) of renowned individuals, organizations and the public at large so a specific message instantly posts to everyone’s social media feeds, which in turn instantly invites everyone who receives them to opt their own social media followers into the Cause Flash to amplify it further. By initiating these digital wildfires for good, Cause Flash creates targeted viral campaigns for good. PURPOSE DRIVEN CONSULTING:  Thought Leadership General Consulting Humanitarian organization introductions & matching Charity introductions & matching Celerity outreach and best practices Logo & Identity Publicity