Decarbonising Transport through Electrification (DTE) Network+

The Decarbonising Transport through Electrification (DTE) Network+ is a £1M EPSRC-funded multidisciplinary project addressing the challenges of implementing an electrified, cost-effective and holistically operating transport sector for the UK. Interdisciplinary Collaboration This network brings together academia, industry and the public sector to address the challenges limiting the implementation of an electrified, integrated transport system for the UK. It will explore drivers for change within the transport system including technological innovation, individual mobility needs, economic requirements, alongside environmental and social concerns for emission reduction. Whole System Approach Their integrated whole system approach will address short, medium and long-term time-frame challenges, using a multi-layered perspective covers the electricity supply system, future charging and electrification infrastructure, and associated vehicle technologies. Electricity networks and transport are increasingly interacting in an unprecedented manner with potential to give rise to a new merged industry.  Engagement The DTE Network+ will pioneer new ways of engaging and participating with end-users, government, and industry at strategic and local levels. They aim to have high visibility for our research work, to develop extensive user and stakeholder engagements, identify multiple dependencies between partners and to produce transferability for full exploitation of network outputs. They will also work closely with SMEs. Sustained Work and Agility The network will develop and sustain an interdisciplinary team to solve these challenges and have the ability to respond quickly to changes in the transport and energy landscape. The DTE Network+ contains mechanisms to support early career researchers and dedicated work streams enabling us to widen the dissemination of results and is expected to transform current practices relating to the decarbonisation of transport. Cut Carbon Hub DTE Network+ is part of Cut Carbon Hub, a major £5m investment in decarbonising transport by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), part of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). Five Decarbonising Transport Networks have been funded to bring together expertise from across academia and industry to lay the groundwork for the use of low carbon technologies across the road, rail, marine and air networks.
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