• Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO
  • Founded2016

Demos Cultural Community

The Demos Cultural Community has its origin in 2016, as a space for debate on philosophical and popular themes. For two years, 17 meetings were developed: death, religion, love, postmodernity, time, anguish, identity, truth and human rights, are some of the topics that were worked, always giving priority to a multidisciplinary analysis criterion in the conformation of the team. The link between exact, social sciences and artistic disciplines promoted the generation of materials that gave rise to the desire to share content.  In 2018, the Popular Content Producer "Sintonía Demos" was born, in order to disseminate and popularize some of the ideas and knowledge that were created collectively, added to the individual experiences of the members. The proposal is the generation of sound, graphic, editorial and audiovisual content with social sensitivity and gender perspective. In 2019 the first album of figurines in the world was released, about women in history: "Heroines of history", which tells the legacy of 142 women and more than 15 women's groups, from all continents and from different professions, to promote their knowledge among children and youth in the country. Since then, presentations, workshops and tours around the country have been made to popularize the idea.
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